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Transcript says refund processing date 3/10/14 what does this mean?

Did you mean:. New Member. I can order my Irs account transcript. Or has a cycle date of And a refund date of Feb. Any info for me. Topics: TurboTax Deluxe Online. Level 2. Any info for me Did you receive your refund on Feb 6. Level 4. That that mean they are processing it for deposit. Any info for me angel. I think our deposit will go out Monday I hope our deposits go out Monday! I usually have mine 2 days after it being sent.

So if ours are correct with the 18th being our green light then I would Wednesday latest to receive the funds. So one more week. I can live with that. Good luck guys Until next year. Returning Member.I filed on January 24th through TT and was accepted the same day.

Also, I am still not able to order return transcripts if that helps at all. Any help is appreciated. I am in the same boat. I filed on turbo tax with head of household and claiming one dependent. No path act message. And shows its being processed.

I have the same message. IRS is saying they are still processing my return and a refund date will be provided when available. If you hear any news or your status change please inform me. I actually got a letter from the IRS on Saturday, the 18th. It was dated Feb. I had to verify my identity, which I did today.

The man said that everything was fine now and that my return would continue processing. He also told me if could be up to 9 weeks before I get my refund. Oh wow! Ok I had to verify my identity last year. Thank you for the update. Mine is still saying it was received and being processed and I filed mine on the 4th of Feb and it was accepted that day by the irs.

I claimed hoh with 3 dependants. Name required :. Mail will not be published required :. Processing Message. This topic has 6 replies, 1 voice, and was last updated 3 years, 1 month ago by Sarah. Log In Register Lost Password. Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 of 7 total. February 17, at pm Reply. Desiree Coffey Guest.Like us to stay up to date with the AskMeFast community and connect with other members.

Answered Unanswered. Visitors to this page also searched for:. What would you like to ask? Please check and try again.

How to Read an IRS Account Transcript

This is NOT abusive. I pressed this button by accident. It is offensive or harmful. It does not contain enough information. It contains or requests illegal information. It does not make sense. Consumer Electronics. Chemistry Engineering Mathematics Physics. This is regarding tax account transcripts,? What does processing date on the transcript mean have yet to receive my taxes and ordered transcript, transcripts reeflect a processing date of feb.

Asked by: karafoday. Ads by Google. This site is best viewed while logged in. Top Solutions. If your in the philippines and started working since january you dont need to worry as your taxes are already computed correctly.

How did you apply for it because usually if you apply it by phone or online it is business days and will be sent on the registered or e Add your answer. Anonymous "However there are different types of transcripts and you didnt specify it but Was this answer helpful? Yes No. This answer closely relates to:. How did you apply for it because usually if you apply it by phone or online it is business days and will be sent on the registered or entered address on the application.

Suggested Solutions 10 What's this? Anonymous " i hope that you will understand me and give more time about If you can make a call and have a personal intervention with the registrar of that university it would be better.

irs transcript processing date

This will help you explain you reasons thoroughly. You can also give them the number of our old school to prove that your reason is valid.Several different transcripts are available, including account transcripts, return transcripts and wage and income transcripts.

You can order one or all of these free transcripts, depending on the type of IRS account information you need. An account transcript details action-based activity on your IRS account.

You can use an account transcript to verify the processing date of your tax return and the dates on which payments you make to the IRS are applied. If you have a tax liability, the transcript will also detail the dates and amounts of penalty and interest accruals on your account. Order an account transcript if you have questions related to payments, balances, refunds or return processing for any tax period within the past 10 years. A return transcript is a line-by-line record of a return you previously filed with the IRS.

The transcript includes income you reported, the schedules the items were reported on and applicable spouse and dependent information. If you lost your copy of a prior year's return and need proof of income, tax or refund information, this transcript serves as verification of return items processed by the IRS. Return transcripts are generally available for the last three tax years on record. Wage and income transcripts contain income forms reported to the IRS under your Social Security number by third parties.

A wage and income transcript contains items such as W-2 wage information, income, mortgage and bank interest paid or received and retirement distribution income.

If you lose documents that you need to file an outstanding return, request this transcript to obtain information you must claim on your outstanding return. Wage and income information is available for the past 10 tax years. You can order these free transcripts by calling the IRS atby preparing and mailing IRS Form T Request for Transcript of Tax Return or by visiting your local office in person to request the information.

In addition to these methods, the IRS offers an online ordering tool to request tax return and account transcripts. The IRS separates transcripts by period, and you must request a transcript for each year you want information for.

Checking Tax Transcripts: How to check online, and why you'd want to

For example, if you want wage and income information for andyou must specifically request those years. In this scenario, the IRS sends you two transcripts -- one set for each year. By : Alia Nikolakopulos.

Share Share on Facebook. Money Made Easier. Please enter a valid email.I have not received any information from WMR page except your refund is still being processed.

I just tried to call and there is a 50 minute wait. Anyone get their refund processed coinciding with the date on their transcript?? Okay so calling and waiting for 50 minutes is probably not going to do any good.

I have filed this way for 5 years with the same child, the same job, the same everything, and the refund process just continues to get longer and longer. I used Turbo Tax and have heard horror stories about it being inefficient and missing information on the forms, etc, etc. It has now been the 21 days today I believe I was hoping the transcript would give me some insight as to why I am waiting and waiting.

Im burned out on all of it. I guess just waiting and waiting is all I can do Anyone get their refund processed coinciding with A lot of people says being able to order the transcript has nothing to do with the refund date. I don't really know. I do know that I was unable to order a transcript until Wednesday. I don't know if it's pure coincidence or if it's really true. Does not have any thing to do with your FIT and refund status at all at this time in your life. Lynn S. Update: Okay so calling and waiting for 50 minutes is probably not going to do any good.

Answer Save. This Site Might Help You. RE: date on the IRS transcript? June H. The transcript has nothing to do with a refund date. How do you think about the answers? You can sign in to vote the answer. Bobbie Lv 7. I wonder what the code is for??? I ordered my transcripts yesterday hopefully I have no codes. Kimberly Blevins. I have those same dates and codes on mine. Keep us updated if you find anything out!!Get the latest info.

Many people have never heard of a tax transcript — much less understand why they may want to access theirs. If you set up an account on the IRS Get Transcript tool, you can view the five types of transcripts right away. Business taxpayers can call the IRS at Learn more about researching your IRS account. It shows filings, extensions, withholding, credits and any follow-up transactions on your account, including penaltiesassessments, IRS inquiries and other account activity.

Changes made to the return after it was processed are not reflected, including any amended returns you may have filed. If you need a copy of your tax return for any reason, such as a loan or financial aid application, this is the transcript to use. The IRS makes this available because it shows the big picture, from your original return filed to any changes made to the return after processing.

This transcript is especially helpful if you want to file an amended return because it will show the original return information plus any indicators of changes made to the return such as prior amended returns or audit adjustmentswhich are required to complete an accurate amended return. You can use this transcript to help with your research to accurately file a late or extended tax return, verify employment, or keep a personal record of income. Many taxpayers use this transcript to apply for public benefits, such as low-income housing, which requires proof of nonfiling.

The IRS generates separate transcripts for each tax year. Here are the number of years available for each type of IRS transcript:. Your filed return will be reflected on your transcripts only after the IRS is finished processing the return. Returns usually post to account transcripts in about one to two weeks.

Return transcripts take longer, especially if you owe taxes with the return. Transcript transaction codes represent actions on your IRS account and provide a literal description of the action. For routine filers with no post-filing compliance activity, account transcripts are typically easy to interpret.

But, if you have any post-filing compliance activity, such as tax notices and back-and-forth correspondence with the IRS, transcripts can be confusing. The IRS Transaction Codes Pocket Guide offers explanations, but people who use the guide can misinterpret codes and draw the wrong conclusions.

Every year, the IRS selects millions of returns for examination, but audits only a fraction of those selected. Generally, the IRS will start an audit within a year after you file the return.

Learn how to handle an IRS audit. Learn how to research your IRS account. Your tax pro can also contact the IRS for you to research your account, ask questions, and resolve any IRS or state issues you may have.

Or make an appointment for a free consultation with a local tax professional by calling or finding a local tax pro. Requesting your tax transcripts is the best way to research your IRS tax account. You can also authorize your tax pro to communicate with the IRS for you. If you haven't filed tax returns in awhile, there are things you need to know. Learn how to address back tax returns and what you can expect when you file.Get the latest info. The IRS uses an electronic system to check and process tax returns.

Even paper returns are uploaded into this system, called the Master File. The Business Master File BMF has information about taxpayers filing business returns and documents related to that business. As a tax return is processed, there are transaction codes added to it to indicate changes.

The Top Seven Questions About IRS Transcripts – and How They Can Help You

These transaction codes are three digits long. For example Transaction Code TC notes an address change for the taxpayer from previous years. There are codes to note one action and more codes to undo that action.

For example, TC indicates that the return has been referred to the examination or appeals division. It does not necessarily indicate an audit. TC means that TC was reversed.

See how this can get confusing very quickly? They are simply used to keep an accurate record of changes in the tax return from year to year and to track it through the IRS system.

Other codes can be of some significance if the IRS has adjusted your return, or has commenced an examination. If you have concerns about your tax return and the information on your transcript, the best thing to do is to speak with a tax professional that might be able to shed some light on the jargon for you.

If there are any codes that generate significant discussion or questions this tax season, we will update the post here with more specific details. Find out more about IRS transcripts and how they can help you. Find out what medical fraud is and how to prevent it from happening to you. Gift tax is typically paid by the donor unless the recipient agrees to pay the gift tax.

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irs transcript processing date

Gift Tax Gift tax is typically paid by the donor unless the recipient agrees to pay the gift tax. Failure to File or Failure to Furnish Information Return Penalties Did you receive a penalty for not filing the correct information returns?

irs transcript processing date

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