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My husband and I made up displays for mine and my son's bibs. I have a larger piece of wood, bigger than double the bigger bib size.

One side holds the bibs, like yours, the other is chalkboard paint with spots for my best times. The bottom is lined with hooks for medals. It's almost full with medals. That's a great idea! I like the chalk board paint option! I just wrote my times and stats on the back of each bib I love that you have included lots of space for all your future bling!!

Maybe that will be in a few years Robin, I need you to be my design consultant and come over to my office and tell me what would look best and where to put it. I have been wanting to build a shrine but am unsure how to go about it. I have some kind of odd, triangular walls in my office. You are cracking me up! You've seen the chaos my house can be in ;- But I'm interested to see these triangular walls! How are you liking your medal and bib display?

What changes would you make, if any? I think with some of the thicker ribbons like the "Run Like Hell" half or some of Uberthon's race ribbonsI'd have chosen a knob that had more space on the "neck" between the knob and the display With a larger ribbon, the ribbon will get a crease on it as it hangs from the smaller knob.

Thank for sharing! What is the measurement of distance between the two hooks for the big bib and the small bib? Thanks for reading! Hope that helps! For the medal display, the first thing I did was layout my knobs and evenly space them apart. After marking where I wanted them, I had my husband drill a hole for the screw to be placed in the plank of wood and into the knob. He drilled the base of the hole larger than needed so that the head of the screw would be recessed into the wood and the wood could sit flush against the wall.

I then painted the knobs and set them aside to dry and then coated them with a coat of mod podge so that they'd have a slight gloss and be a little protected from knicks and scratches on my craft paint coat.

While that's all drying, lay the plank of wood over the scrapbook paper and trace out a section of your plank of wood. If your paper has a specific design like mineyou'll want to cut out that rectangle and glue it on the paper again so that the designs match up and that the paper is long enough to cover your plank of wood.

The larger bib is placed below the smaller ones and placed a little bit lower to make flipping through the bibs a bit easier. I suppose you could just punch new holes into any funky shaped bibs, but I can't bare the thought! You can also run an iron on nylon setting over your really wrinkled bibs, but beware that resting the iron for the briefest of moments may result in a brown spot on your bib.

Before displaying your bibs, you'll also want to tear away the "Do Not Tear" foam bits for your timing chips. Anyway, after marking the bib places on the board, whip out the drill and put some holes in your board.

Your cup hooks might be the kind you can drill in by hand, but save your hand some work Place the hooks in and make sure your bibs hang the way you wanted Then I removed the hooks, measured where the holes were on my board and marked the "top" on the back of my board. Glue on the scrapbook paper, pile books on and wait to dry. This could be where you iron or rip timing chips off your bibs. When the glue is dry, cut excess paper off with the exacto knife and stencil on a mantra if you desire.As a runner I proudly display my medals, but my race bibs were just getting stacked on a shelf.

I started to brainstorm a fun craft project that I could to do with race bibs that would help display them. I found these big letters at a craft store and figured I would Mod Podge some of my race bibs on them.

race bib display diy

You can also get wood letters on Amazon. See link below. After arranging the bibs in a way that made me happy I Mod Podged them on.

I had fun doing this race bib craft project and it was relatively easy. This is a really fun way to display some of my favorite bibs. Here are the supplies you need:. Want to come back to this? Pin it for later! Would love to share the picture with you if possible! Thanks for the idea! So glad!!! I would love to see. Love the idea!

I am also starting to stuck up in bibs. I thought making a quilt but quite didnt look that good.

race bib display diy

This is so cute!! I may have to do something like this when I have a dedicated space to display my bibs!! So fun! What a great idea! Thanks for the idea. Really great idea! I just hang them up in the garage but I think I need to do something more creative.

This is cute! I love this!! I was trying to figure out a cute idea for my bibs. Mine are mostly wrinkled up too which might look pretty cool displayed this way!One thing I try to make time for is running. To add a little competition into our family runs, we love to sign up for 5Ks in the fall. You can customize it to really make it your own by adding an inspirational quote you love, chalkboard paint, or changing up the knob to hold your medals.

Sand your board and apply the stain. You may want to apply multiple coats of stain depending on how you would like the color to look. Use your race bib to measure the holes at the bottom of the board for the Cup Hooks. Pre-drill a hole slightly smaller than the thread of your cup hooks. Then screw in the cup hooks, making sure both open towards the front of your Race Bib Display Board.

race bib display diy

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What To Do With Your Old Race Bibs

I decided on three separate projects that I would combine together to make the wall display that I had in mind. My first race was a Half Marathon. I diligently trained for the run and by the time race day came around I was pumped! The race atmosphere was fun and exciting and a bit sentimental.

After the race began I cried at the end of the second mile because in all my life I had never run more than this with so much passion and purpose.

So, our first bibs need a bit more attention! It just so happened that I had a frame laying around that my kids knocked off the wall and broke the glass — perfect!

Garage sales and thrift stores are a great place to start, but if you are wanting something more specific, try looking here. This one is really easy to make. Tape the bibs to a mat or the outside edging of the frame and then hang on the wall.

Easy and Frugal!! This was a FUN project to do!! Get a fun collage going by curring out the numbers, symbols, and graphics of each of the bibs. I decided to use a few that both my husband and I ran so there was a duplicate.

Allow the Mod Podge layer to dry and then hang on the wall. This was a bit time consuming, but nostalgic in the process because I got to talk about all of the races we had done with each of the bibs that were cut up. Determine what size of board you will want to display on your wall. Arrange your bibs and medals where you will want them to be displayed.

Screw in the mug hooks to hold the medals and bibs. Most bibs will already have holes punched in them from the race, and are typically the same width so you should be good to measure based off of where the holes are.

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DIY Race Bib and Medal Display Projects

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DIY Race Bib Display

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race bib display diy

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Just an easy DIY medal display for $15

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